Marines & Ricardo are getting married!

Your love and friendship have helped us become who we are. Together with our parents, we would like to invite you to share our joy and to support our love, as we exchange vows and celebrate our marriage.

Join us.

About Us

My name is Ricardo, and I'm the mixture of my mother's love and my father's perseverance. I'm a designer and film enthusiast and, every now and then, you may catch me playing board games, or as of late, jamming to Kishi Bashi.

Mari & Ric

My name is Marines, an islander-turn-city girl, a knitwear designer and lover of all things visual but better yet, leave me to create and you will find me at my happiest. :)

The Story of Us

Fall 2009:

On a crisp fall day in New York City, an island girl, straight off a boat from Puerto Rico, reluctantly attended the Diversity Event at the Fashion Institute of Technology's Orientation Week. The mixing and mingling of the event began and, amongst the sea of freshman, she met a Colombian man with a great goatee, named Ricardo (Please read with a Spanish accent). The two began talking and were both mutually intrigued. Brought together by their love of design and especially for their Spanish speaking roots, their unique friendship began. After two years of coffee dates, study parties, bible talks and museum visits, Ricardo asked Mari to be his girlfriend and the rest is history. Just kidding! The best has yet to come.

Summer 2012:

During the summer of 2011, Mari went home to Puerto Rico to be with her family. Still thinking of her Colombian man in Manhattan, she bought him a small music box from a tchotchke store in San Juan. (Remember this part of the story; it will be important later.) Fast forward to a beautiful sunny day in June 2012. Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Ricardo and Mari headed out east to the beach town of Montauk for a day filled with kite flying, kayaking, window shopping and long walks on the beach. Throughout the day the two were writing notes on small scraps of paper about what it was they loved most about each other which were kept in a small mason jar. The day of relaxation continued with a seafood dinner, a failed attempt at a sandcastle and a breathtaking sunset. Finding a secluded area of the beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the two decided to open and read each other the notes they had written. When all the nice things were said, Ricardo stood up and pulled out the music box (See! I told you it would be important). But it wasn't until he opened the box to reveal a diamond ring that Mari even knew he was proposing! He bent down on one knee, she said "yes," and now the best is truly yet to come!




4:30 Open Ceremony

6:30 Closed Reception


Morris Jumel Mansion Museum.

65 Jumel Terrace,

New York, NY.


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